The AgileTrack software is distributed freely. Users are perpetually entitled to upgrades to the latest versions of the software. The AgileTrack client source code is also available for download.

AgileTrack is licensed based on the number of users in the system.


AgileTrack licenses can be purchased as needed. If additional users are added to the system, licenses can be purchased at that time. See the purchase page for details.

Trial Licenses

AgileTrack automatically acquires a single user trial license for evaluation purposes.

For multi-user evaluation, addition trial licenses can be requested. Visit the trial license request page for more information.


The user licensing requirements apply all AgileTrack users, whether using direct database connections, or using the AgileTrack Server.

AgileTrack requires a valid license for each enabled user in the system.

Licenses are valid for a specified period of time, after which they are considered expired and should be renewed.


Upon expiration of a license, full functionality of the system continues to be available to the user. Users with expired licenses will not lose functionality. Those using expired licenses will be reminded to renew their license.