[Story] 2nd estimate

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allow user to store 2 estimates. 1 as original, when task was created, and 2nd current, updated when I learn more about what I need to do.

also, it would be really nice if original estimate could be set in floating number (in addition to time). this way I can use a point system not connected to time to estimate (this concept comes from Scrum and other agile methods). it's helpful because it's easier accurately estimate relative size of items, not in exact time. I then see how many points I do each week, and in 2–3 weeks i can estimate when I will be done with the project.

in addition it would also be cool if I could define a valid set of number- for the original estimate and have them in a drop down. this make estimating easier becaue it's hard to say if an action is 20 points in size or 21 (while it's easy to see if it's 1 or 2).
http://www.planningpoker.com/detail.html describes this concept.

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