[Story] velocity management

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sorry if I'm repeating myself, but this feature would make time management, and as result project management, with AgileTrack so much easier.

I would like to be able to specify how much time I want to dedicate to an iteration (40 hours for example). as I add issues to the iteration (easiest way I found to do that is through issues view in edit mode…) AgileTrack would show me how much time I have left for the iteration and warn me if I go overboard.

next I would want to have a view that would show not only how much effort I have left (that's burn down chart), but also my current velocity (how much time I put in) and if I'm going to get everything done with the current velocity on time or not.

there are several ways to do this. one would be adding velocity line to the burn-down chart, separate from the burn-down line. another would be to show burn-down to the current day, and then show estimate from the current day to the end of iteration.

here are some other ideas: http://www.targetprocess.com/agile_tour_20/screenshots/burndown.gif

you might think of a simpler approach. that would work too.

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