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it would be very nice to support xml export. this would allow users to use information stored in agile track anywhere they like, generate reports if they need, etc.


Right now table data can be copied and pasted into spreadsheet programs. Exporting the data as XML would be pretty simple to do in its raw format—i.e. using IDs to link all of the record data together. To put the data in an easier to use structure would take some work. What kind of data or structure would be useful?

Also, there already are the undocumented XML-RPC and JSON-RPC interfaces into the server (there is some documentation but its about a year old). The documentation is due to be updated pretty soon. Would it be more useful to have documentation about the available APIs to get at the record data?

—Posted by Adam Lane on Dec 19, 2006 at 9:04:33 PM

what I'm really looking for is File->Export to XML button to save everything in one big XML. I would be able to run custom XSLT to do whatever I like with the information (generate reports, import it into other programs, etc).

simple raw XML dump is a good place to start. at some point it would be nice if data would be hierarhical (Project->component->issue)

I'm not very familiar with MySQL nor Java. doing it manually every time I want to export data from the DB would be cumbersome and writing an app to do that is outside my area of expertise

—Posted by slava on Dec 19, 2006 at 9:47:01 PM

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