[Story] Notification upon task completion

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Hi there,

i would like to have a notification sent to the a group of people upon task completion.

The group of people could be, defined through a publish-subscribe model, the stakeholders of a task.

And also i would like to have a notification as soon as a new task gets assigned to me.

Well, thanks for this great tool,
best regards,


Email notifications are being included in the next release. With that, administrators will have some flexibility in defining the notifications that are available. Users will have the ability to subscribe to receive notifications on different issues. There isn't a mechanism for emailing you when an issue becomes assigned to you, but I think that can be accomodated by adding another event condition.

I'll see about improving the functionality of email notifications, but the initial email notification functionality will be included in the next release.

—Posted by Adam Lane on Dec 13, 2006 at 3:48:41 PM

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