[Story] show items being added/removed/change in iteration history

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capture when items are added/removed in the iteration history. also save when item state is changed in the history if item is in the history.

idea is be able to closely track iteration progress. specifically I want to know which items were added and when to know which items were added after iteration started, and thus increased iteration workload. it would be cool if it were possible to get list of items added when I point on different points in the chart, but that could be hard to implement.


I've had some experience with this, and the level of detail can be cranked up to where it's hard ot get an overall picture. It's not a huge thing, but some global or per component level of detail for history would be nice.

—Posted by James on Jan 7, 2007 at 11:44:53 AM

Right now, an iteration stores daily statistics that keep track of the assigned issues, completed issues, unit tested issues, estimated total time, logged time, and estimate time of completed issues.

Additionally, the individual issue histories already track changes in iteration assignment, but not in a very usable form.

I think the solution to this will be to revise the history table to store more detailed information, and then improve the searching of the history table to allow discovery and reporting of this sort of information.

—Posted by Adam Lane on Mar 22, 2007 at 7:45:23 AM

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