[Defect] Too much mouse movement when creating a list of issues

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New issue button is in the lower left corner, save button is in the top right corner. If I'm creating a list of issues (ideas) I have to move mouse back and forth all the time, which isn't too much fun. Yes, I could use issues list edit mode to create new issues, but this isn't the problem only with issues. Related buttons that user needs to click one shortly after the other should be close to each other. Or is this the interface by design?


I agree and I think the solution is to use keyboard shortcuts.

—Posted by Adam Lane on Dec 1, 2006 at 7:27:57 PM

well, not everybody likes to use keyboard shortcuts. yes, it's a good alternative solution, but I think new button should be next to save button. of course, to prevent accidental click on new after user entered information program needs to check if user has modified some field (this is already done anyway, save button is enabled only if there are any changes) and show standard save dialog with yes/no/cancel buttons.

user shouldn't be punished for making mistakes…

—Posted by slava on Dec 2, 2006 at 9:34:14 AM

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