Installation Prerequisites

AgileTrack can be run in single user and multi-user environments. Before installing AgileTrack, consider the following requirements.

Operating System

Agiletrack has been developed and tested on Linux and Windows operating systems.


Complete client distributions provide a valid Java Runtime Environment and all required libraries. However, minimal distributions require a Java 5.0 or greater JRE to be already be installed and available on the client or server systems.


HSQLDB - AgileTrack provides the HSQLDB for single user local configurations. This is ideal for evaluation and for solo usage.

MySQL - A MySQL database can be used to provide multi-user support. The client requires TCP/IP access to the MySQL server. It must be MySQL version 4.0 or greater.


If the distribution or installer for the appropriate system has not yet been downloaded, see the Download section to acquire the correct version. The installation and setup requirements are described in the next step.

For instructions on installing and configuring the AgileTrack client, proceed to the client installation guide.