Client Configuration

At this point, the client should be installed and ready to run. Using the created shortcut, or startup script, launch AgileTrack. If the client installation has not yet been completed, first see the client installation guide.


When started, AgileTrack will display a login window. To configure the client, click on "Settings...".

In the settings dialog, select the desired "Connection Type":

  • A local HSQLDB database.
  • A direct connection to a MySQL database.


Selecting "HSQLDB" as the connection type will provide full functionality, but creates a local database on the client machine. The embedded database works well for relatively small scale issue tracking and planning. Configuration is simple and described below:

MySQL Address

The name of the database to be used for AgileTrack. The files used by the database will be based on this name. A good choice would be to call it "agiletrack".

Direct MySQL

Selecting "MySQL" as the connection type requires a MySQL server that accepts TCP/IP connections. An existing database is not necessary because AgileTrack will create and initialize the database if it has not been previously created. The parameters of the direct MySQL connection are listed and described below:

MySQL Address

The host address of the MySQL server.

MySQL Port

The listening port of the MySQL server. This can be left blank for default.

Database Name

The name of the AgileTrack database on the MySQL server.

MySQL Username

The MySQL user. If this user has database creation privileges, upon login, AgileTrack will create the database and required tables automatically. Alternatively, if the database is already created, assuming the user has necessary permissions, AgileTrack will create the required tables automatically.

MySQL Password

The password for the MySQL user.


At this point the client is configured and ready for login. If this is the first time using AgileTrack, login as admin using the password admin and proceed. Otherwise, login as the appropriate user and enjoy.

For further information about using AgileTrack, continue to read the documentation.