[Topic] AgileTrack Version 1.2.1 Released - Java 1.6 Requirements

AgileTrack version 1.2.0 was released without stating the new Java 1.6 requirement for the client application. So, this is a minor maintenance release to state that requirement and update the release to properly enforce it.

A few things have been updated:

  • The Windows installer no longer bundles a JRE, but instead detects if a valid Java version is already installed, and automatically launches a Java installer if no valid JRE is found.
  • The Linux Java detection script now looks for a 1.6 JRE.
  • A character encoding problem has been fixed for calendar buttons.
  • The client will exit automatically if the JRE is too old.
  • The release jars have been built to require 1.6.

Also note that the server distribution at present will still work with Java 1.5.

As always, feel free to provide feedback, ask questions, or offer suggestions for improvements using the online forums and issue tracker at AgileTrack.net.

—Posted by Adam Lane on Aug 17, 2008

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