[Topic] AgileTrack Version 1.2.0 Released

It has been about 9 months since the last full release of AgileTrack and this latest release contains many significant improvements and new features. The 1.2.0 release has been available in beta for about 2 months and is ready for official release.

This release has focused on adding functionality and data collection that will allow the creation of more detailed and accurate reports, better project management capability, improved user interaction, and better performance.

Coupon Code

As a part of this release, the coupon code below can be used to receive a 20% discount on all license purchases. The coupon code is valid until the end of October 2008.


Custom Data Fields

One of the most significant additions is the ability to add custom data fields to issues, projects, iterations, and releases. Administrators can configure their AgileTrack instance to provide custom data fields by visiting the "Administration" tab (made visible through the Edit menu), going to "Configuration", and selecting "Custom Data". There, the custom fields can be defined with a custom label and data type.

After adding defining custom data fields and saving the configuration, the user interface will be updated making those fields available.


This release does not make many visible changes to the reporting engine, but includes important updates to the data used for reporting—particularly record history. The previous data structure limited the effectiveness of the reporting system. The latest changes allow accuract history data to be stored and search in order to create more accurate historical reports.

Future release under the 1.2.x series will make further use of the improved data structure and provide improved report output and visualization.


Caching in the system has been fixed to allow fast startup times, and better synchronization between multiple users. The various user interface views have been changed to use lazy loading to improve the overall response time when switching between selected records and views.

Other changes have been made at the database level to improve the performance of saving records and performing searches.

Overall, performance is noticeably better.

Summary of Changes

What follows is a list of many of the improvements and features that have been added or updated:

  • History records have been revamped in preparation for better reporting
  • Issues can be assigned directly to releases
  • Time estimates for sub-tasks can be automatically summed to create the parent time estimate (Enable in System Configuration)
  • Impediment issue types are added
  • Organization project types are added
  • Custom data fields can be added to issues, projects, releases, iterations, and users
  • Issue summary data (time tracking) is stored differently and should improve general performance
  • Icons have been added to lists throughout the application
  • Improvements to different views in the main issue list
  • Issue dependencies can now be entered
  • A new status bar has been added which includes activity lights to show when the application is loading (blue) or saving (green) data
  • Iteration calendar has more inuitive interface and shows completed issues
  • Caching improved
  • Lazy loading of interface views
  • System administration interface consolidated into single tab
  • GUI fixes that allow the application to function under Solaris
  • Additional inquiry data groupings for reports

Database Updates

Please keep in mind, that when upgrading to this release, a significant database update will be necessary, and you should back up your database before attempting the update.


AgileTrack continues to evolve in functionality and maturity. It continues to be developed with the goal of being simple and flexible, but overbearing. Thanks to all those users who provide feedback and other contributions for this tool.

As always, feel free to provide feedback, ask questions, or offer suggestions for improvements using the online forums and issue tracker at AgileTrack.net.

—Posted by Adam Lane on Aug 9, 2008

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