[Topic] AgileTrack Version 1.2.0 (Beta 2) Released

This is another beta release for AgileTrack 1.2.0. I am going out of town for a week or two, so I wanted to get this out. The official 1.2.0 release will probably come near the end of July.

This release fixes a lot of minor issues found in the last beta release and adds a little bit of new functionality as well. Here are some of the changes:

  • Icons have been added to lists throughout the application
  • Project trees are working better
  • Time tracking has been fixed to update total properly
  • Reporting had been broken due to the new History records, but is now fixed
  • Issue dependencies can now be entered
  • A new status bar has been added which includes activity lights to show when the application is loading (blue) or saving (green) data

Overall, things are stabilizing pretty well.

For those interested in trying it, this beta release can be downloaded in a zip file here or a tar.gz file here (only the client is available).

  • Once again, please keep in mind, that a significant database update will be necessary, and you should back up your database before attempting the update. The update should be safe (though you will not be able to return to use 1.1.x versions after the update), but please backup your data just in case.

If anyone tries the beta and encounters and problems, please report them. If there are any questions, please use the forums. Thanks.

—Posted by Adam Lane on Jul 8, 2008

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