[Topic] AgileTrack Version 1.1.4 Released

This release takes care of several minor bugs and adds a couple enhancements.

  • The auto-complete combo box works correctly again.
  • The HSQL schema creation code was failing in non-English locales.
  • A couple small reporting issues were resolved.
  • Ctrl-E was added as a hotkey to toggle "Edit Mode" in issue lists.
  • Iterations in the "Iterations" tab can be sorted by name.
  • The main issues list auto-refreshes when new issues are created.
  • Dutch language translation has been updated.

In addition, progress continues to be made on a web interface. At present, most record types can be listed and viewed. At the rate things are going, a basic web interface could be released by the end of the year.

For those interested in updated the available language translations, or contributing new ones, the simplest way to do this is to run "agiletrack -x". This will create a new directory called "languages_export" which will contain all of the translations with all available label keys. The untranslated keys will be included in the exported files with the default text. Simply update them as desired and contact me to get them included.

Thanks to those who have made feature requests and other contributions—especially for the detailed information that helps the more obscure problems get solved.

—Posted by Adam Lane on Nov 23, 2007

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