[Topic] AgileTrack Version 1.1.1 Released

This release of AgileTrack focuses almost entirely on bug fixes. The largest new feature is support for Microsoft SQLServer. The SQLServer driver is included and is now an option for databases. If any are interested in PostgreSQL support, please request it in the forums or submit a feature request.

Database Migration

A database migration feature is now available as part of the AgileTrack Server package. It is assumed that the agiletrack.conf file has been configured for the target database at the time of export and import, or that the database parameters are passed on the command line. The following options allow databases to be exported and imported:

  • After configuring the agiletrack.conf file for the existing database, use the new—export-data=filename option the export the database to a file. Password data is not exported, nor are system configuration options.
  • After configuring the agiletrack.conf file for the new destination database, use the new—import-data=filename option to import the data from a file into another database. All passwords are defaulted to "changeme" on an import.
  • Using the—clear-data=true option, the target database will be cleared before the import. If the target database is not cleared, the import will result in a merge of data, but the merge process is imperfect and would require manual corrections after the import. The—import-data option should always be used in conjunction with the—clear-data=true option.

Migration may be desirable for those who find the HSQLDB support inadequate, or are wishing to switch database engines for any reason. Any support regarding database migration can be requested in the forums.

Bug Fixes

Numerous minor bugs have been fixed, as well as some more severe problems. Some of the fixes are listed:

  • Sub-tasks are treated more correctly in regards to iterations. When a parent is reassigned, incomplete sub-tasks are automatically reassigned to the new iteration. Sub-tasks are listed explicitly in the iteration issue list.
  • The issue timer functions correctly when crossing day boundaries (e.g. midnight).
  • Editable table fields work more correctly. When reassigning an iteration from the iteration view, only the correct issue is reassigned. Sorted lists were sometimes acting on the wrong list element, but that has been corrected. Combo-boxes use the maximum available necessary screen space.
  • Lists do not become reversed when editing tables directly.
  • The time estimate was malfunctioning in some systems, but it is now working in Windows XP, Vista, and Linux varieties.
  • Memory management has been significantly improved.
  • Numerous changes have been made which hopefully solve the somewhat random broken interface problem. Whether the changes are successful needs to be confirmed.
  • The database has long supported this, but the interface finally allows projects to have due dates specified.
  • In places that total up estimated time, if sub-tasks have time estimates, as well as a parent story, and all are assigned to the same iteration, the parent issue's time estimates are used in totals, but not the sub-task. The effects are fairly intuitive. This was necessary in conjunction with increasing the visibility of sub-tasks in iteration assignment.
  • To improve overall load time, the user interface does not fully initialize during startup. Each individual tab is loaded an initialized when it is first viewed. This should improve load time significantly, though there will be slight slowness for each tab the is initially viewed.
  • Queries used in handling project trees have been improved which will improve the overall performance of project trees.

Various other minor changes were also made. It is expected that this release will be far more stable and usable than the 1.1.0 release, which was admittedly very problematic.

Web Interface

This has been stated before, but progress continues to be made on a web interface, though much more slowly than hoped. A very preliminary release will be made soon. It will allow issues to be listed, filtered, and edited to a small degree. Unless severe errors are found in this release, the web interface can be expected next.


As always, thanks to those who have provided feedback and contributions. Please continue to submit bug reports and feature requests.

—Posted by Adam Lane on May 21, 2007

This release seems to be much more stable and we appear to not be getting the errors we were getting before after running AgileTrack for a long time.


—Posted by James on May 30, 2007 at 4:00:50 PM

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