[Topic] Development Build 1.1.1 b2 Available

A new development build of AgileTrack 1.1.1 has been made available. It fixes a few issues, and contains some refactoring of the UI that should lead to better busy feedback and less apparent freezing in the future.

Some of the fixes include:

  • When timing tasks, crossing midnight is handled and should now result in two time logs rather than a negative total.
  • Sorting problems are fixed in sub-tasks and other issue lists. The problem was causing the lists to reverse every time a change was made.
  • The time estimate widget has been fixed.
  • Projects now have a due date field that can be used. The new field has been stored in the database all along, so no database schema update will occur.
  • Startup time should be quicker now, though the first time visiting a tab may be slower.
  • A busy cursor should show when operations are taking a while.

The biggest problem still unverified is an apparent slowdown that occurs over time when using the timer. Any feedback regarding that issue as either still occurring or being fixed in this build is appreciated.

To install the update, go to the additional downloads page, and download the "Client Development Build – 1.1.1 b2" agiletrack.jar. Place the file in the lib directory of the AgileTrack client installation.

—Posted by Adam Lane on May 10, 2007

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