[Topic] Development Build 1.0.1 b1 Available

As had been announced with the versioning change, development releases will be made from time to time in the interest of those who would like access to new features without waiting for a full release. To install this update, go to the "Additional Downloads" page and download the agiletrack.jar provided under "Client Development Build – 1.0.1 b1". Replace the agiletrack.jar in the lib directory of the AgileTrack client installation.

The 1.0.1 version indicates that this is an upgrade that can be applied on top of 1.0.0 without requiring updates to the database or client/server interface.

Some of the features and fixes in this build are listed:

  • Table headers have tooltips.
  • Tooltips in issue lists are now correct after sorting.
  • Currently timed issue can be reopened by double-clicking the timer in the system tray.
  • Issue lists now have available edit mode in project, iteration, and release views.
  • Alternate tree views now correctly list sub-tasks under parent issues.
  • Issue view and issue tab no longer get out of synch.
  • Issue timer can be started by using context menu in tables.
  • Project priority is shown in tables.
  • Iteration column can be made visible in iteration tree view.
  • When adding issues from project and iteration view, issue type can be selected.
  • A fix has been made for a problem which would cause periodic slowdowns when switching views, saving records, etc.

Progress is being made into the flexible reporting system. It is being designed to be quite flexible in terms of the data set used for reports, the types of grouping done on the data, and the type of output that can be generated for the report. Existing Queries will be used to specify the issue set used for a report.

A new Inquiry record is being created which will define how the issue data is processed. The Inquiry record will allow a hierarchical grouping of the issue set, and a selection of summary data to be applied to each leaf set.

A new Report record will use the Queries and Inquiries to provide report. The Report record will provide the data range used for processing the summary data, as well as the presentation output of the result. Like Queries, Reports will be associated with individual users.

So, as an example, one could create a Query that finds all completed issues. An Inquiry could be created that groups issues by Project, then by User. The summary data for the Inquiry could be logged time. A report could be created using the query and inquiry and specify the date range to be last month. When run, the result would show a breakdown of the time logged last month by each user in each project that has closed issues.

That's just one example of how a report could be built. The grouping and summary options for Inquiries will be many. Output will also be available in multiple forms—charts, PDF reports, csv.

I believe the flexibility provided by the reporting system will be able to accommodate all of the reporting needs I've heard of. It's not too late to provide more feedback and specific examples of what types of reports are wanted.

—Posted by Adam Lane on Jan 29, 2007

A caching error was discovered and reported that was resulting in a ConcurrentModificationException. It has been fixed in the development agiletrack.jar build.

—Posted by Adam Lane on Feb 14, 2007 at 7:51:24 PM

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