[Topic] AgileTrack Version 1.0.0 Released

This release marks a major milestone in the development of AgileTrack. The feature set and stability have continually improved since the first release one year ago. For that reason, this release marks the initial production release—version 1.0.0.

Feature Updates

This release has focused mainly on fixing minor problems, and updating the interface to provide more ways to navigate the available data.

  • Alphabetical sorting has been updated to use the collator for the locale.
  • Table columns can now be hidden/shown by right-clicking on the column header.
  • The client/server interface has been revised to pass information in fewer calls in an effort to improve overall client/server communication performance.
  • Attachments are now available for projects, iteration, and releases.
  • The list of releases for a given project are shown in the project view, and the list of iterations encompassing a particular release are shown in the release view.
  • Fix some user-interface problems—saving maximization of view, popup positioning, improper access of GUI components.

And of course there were other small fixes and updates that aren't detailed here, but that pretty well sums it up.

The focus of the next release will be reporting. Some design work has already been done regarding reporting, but until now it hasn't been given priority. Expect some pretty flexible reports and graph generation. It is likely that some of the query functionality will be updated in the process.

Version Numbering

In conjunction with the initial production release, AgileTrack is adopting a more useful versioning scheme which provides meaning to the version numbers. The version numbers used throughout the early phase of devlopment had no inherant meaning and were arbitrarily picked. The effects of upgrading were unclear by the version numbers.

The new versioning scheme distinguishes between releases that use backwards compatible database schemas, and for users of the AgileTrack Server, identifies when the client/server protocols become incompatible.

AgileTrack versions use three numbers, e.g. 1.0.0:

  • The first number is the major version. This will change very infrequently.
  • The second number indicates the database/server interface version. Versions with different database version numbers are not backwards compatible with different database version. This means all clients will require an upgrade.
  • The third number is the minor release number. Minor releases are backwards compatible provide they have the same major version and database version. This means clients can be rolled forward and backwards with causing trouble to the database.

Additionally, pre-release builds will also be made available for those who wish to have early use of new releases. Pre-release builds will have an additional devlopment version included.

The versioning changes should make new releases less arbitrary and more meaningful. It will also facilitate the ability to deploy automatic updates in the future.


The new release coincides with a change in licensing of the product. You may also notice that http://agiletrack.org site has been merged into http://agiletrack.net. The AgileTrack client continues to be open-source. However, the AgileTrack client relies on functionality provided by the AgileTrack server layer which now requires individual licenses for each unique enabled user in the system.

For a given installation of the system, if there insufficient licenses, users will automatically be disabled until sufficient licenses are provided. Licenses are valid for a specified period of time. Upon expiration, users are not locked out of the system, but they will be reminded that their licenses are no longer valid and should renewed.

For single user systems, a trial license is automatically acquired for the purpose of evaluation. A multi-user trial can also be requested. In either case, users are expected for acquire valid licenses upon expiration of the trial licenses.

Long-time AgileTrack users will be granted a significant discount on license purchases by registering soon at http://agiletrack.net. The earlier the registration, the larger the discount will be.

Additionally, AgileTrack rewards the contributions of its users with free licenses. In particular, users who provide language translations will be given free licenses. Users who provide many useful bug reports, features requests, and forum participation will also be rewarded.

Free free to send any comments or questions you may have. As a reminder, for support, please use the online forums. Thank you.

—Posted by Adam Lane on Jan 15, 2007

Now that you are charging, you should really finish the documentation section!

—Posted by Dan Mullen on Jan 17, 2007 at 3:01:50 PM

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