[Topic] Release 0.8d

Merry Christmas! It has been nearly a year since the first beta release of AgileTrack and it has come a very long way since then. This is expected to be the last beta release of AgileTrack. Thanks to everyone who has contributed by making feature suggestions, bug reports, and language translations. Your participation is much appreciated.

This release of AgileTrack adds the ability to attach files to issues. The issue view now has an "Attachments" tab where attachments can be added, exported, updated, and removed. Attachments can be added by browsing for files, typing the file path, or dragging and dropping a file onto the text field. If an attachment with the same name as the file already exists, then AgileTrack will prompt to overwrite the attachment when saved. Attachments can be exported by dragging the selected attachment and dropping it in a file manager or desktop. They can also be saved by using the context menu in the attachments table, or opened directly using the operating system's default open action for the particular file type.

A couple regression bugs have also been fixed.

Happy New Year to everyone! As a reminder, for support, please use the online forums.

—Posted by Adam Lane on Dec 28, 2006

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