Agile Software Development

AgileTrack is a development tool which assists in managing projects, tasks, and techniques leading to their completion. However, as process is a question for the development team, AgileTrack does not enforce nor impede process. Instead it stands as a ready and powerful aid to teams striving to produce quality software by focusing on the needs of its most important users — the developers.


  • Manage stories, tasks, defects, test cases, or any other issue
  • A unique and simple interface that is designed for developers
  • Plan iterations and product releases
  • Track products, projects, and components in flexible hierarchy
  • Rich client application offers powerful and fast interface
  • Provides web services for programmatic integration (XML-RPC and JSON-RPC interfaces)
  • Cross-platform support for Windows and Linux users
  • Allows powerful searches to created, saved, and used for custom reports
  • Fine grained permissions for security and enterprise control
  • Collaboration facilities built into client for sharing team knowledge
  • Automated email notifications options
  • Drag-and-drop file attachments
  • Extremely flexible reporting of key data
  • MySQL and SQLServer support
  • And more...

Worldwide Users

AgileTrack has been tried and is used by teams across the globe. See the map below for some of the locations AgileTrack has been used.

World map showing AgileTrack users