8.3. Hierarchy

To make the most effective use of projects in AgileTrack, it is important to utilize the tree hierarchy capabilities of projects. For example, assume the following structure of components:

  • Car
    • Interior Cab
      • Dashboard
      • Seats
    • Drive System
      • Engine
      • Steering
      • Suspension

Each component of the system may have associated stories and tasks. Because of the tree structure the relationship of components in the system, the tracked tasks can be explored in various ways. Obviously, if we need to know all of the work that needs to be done on the Suspension, we have a specific project to store those tasks. Where the tree structure becomes more useful and powerful is in inclusive grouping when viewing lists. For example, if we need to know all of the tasks related to the Drive System, the sub-projects are automatically included in the list.

When the number of stories and tasks being tracked in the system becomes large, project trees become very useful in understanding the scope of changes to sections of the system, and in turn allows good planning to be done.

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