7.4. Templates

Issue templates can be created in the Create tab to lay out the pattern that different types of issues require for a particular organization. For example, if there is a field of data that is commonly required, but which is not available in AgileTrack, it could easily be included in a template as a reminder to whomever is creating the issue, e.g. perhaps a build number should be provided when entering defects.

To create a template, select the default data that applies to the template — issue type, description, severity, etc. A title must be given to the template by providing a name in the "Title" field. Notice that the "Template" button becomes enabled. Clicking on "Template" will save the currently edited template, at which point it becomes available in the template list.

Selecting a template from the list will populate the creation fields with the data stored in the template. The "Delete" button becomes availabe if a template is selected. Clicking "Delete" will remove the template. Existing templates can be edited and resaved by clicking on the "Template" button after making any changes to a template.

To create a new issue based on a template, the title for the new issue must be changed before the "Create" button will become enabled. Any other data can also be modified when creating an issue based on a template.

You can create templates for different issue types to lay out the patterns of conventions you use when creating stories, defects, tasks, etc. The Create tab provides template functionality. Simply put the information you want in the template, and click "Template". Then select the template from the list and you'll be able to create issues with the template providing the default data.

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