1.1. Purpose

AgileTrack's main purpose is to assist developers in using agile programming methodologies. To that end, it has been designed with a few core goals in mind, which were orginally described in the project charter:

  • It should serve the user, rather than the user serve the tool.
  • It should provide an interface and features that are useful to developers.
  • It should be flexible and minimalistic with respect to the data that is required for records.

Note that the tool's primary goals focus on assisting developers, not project managers. It's main design goals to not include a top-down approach to development; it is not intended to replace human-to-human communication in any way; it does not claim to be a one-size-fits-all solution to everyone's problems. It is meant merely to assist small development teams and individuals in tracking development tasks, while trying hard to not be an obstacle in performing actual work. It's features are meant to be compatible with agile development methodologies.

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