4.4. Home Tab

The Home tab provides five sections in the view:

  1. The iteration selection and calendar area allows previous iterations to be selected so that basic reporting for past iterations can be viewed. The default is the current active iteration.
  2. An iteration burn-down chart is shown on the left. The burn down is based on the number of issues in the iteration.
  3. An iteration progress pie-chart is shown in the bottom-left corner. It shows the number of completed issues versus incomplete issues and measures them based on the estimated hours to complete the issues.
  4. The top-right area of the view shows all issues in the iteration, sorted by the most recently modified issues. It gives a quick view of what specific things are being worked on during an iteration.
  5. The bottom-right area has a selection of preset reports that are run using the reporting engine. All reports are run with the iteration issues being the data set, and the iteration date range being the time span. Various reports are provided.

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