4.3. Keyboard Shortcuts

From most tabs, the following keyboard shortcuts are available:

Ctrl-Screate/save records
Ctrl-Nbegin creating a new record
Ctrl-Ddelete the current record
F5clear or reload the reload
Ctrl-Shift-Fkeyboard focus to top input field
Ctrl-Mtoggle toggle visibility of left panel record list
Ctrl-Shift-Mmaximize visibility of selected record
Ctrl-Btoggle subscribe/unsubscribe for record

From the "Create" tab:

Ctrl-Tcreates or saves a template

From an open issue:

Ctrl-Ltoggle issue timer on/off

The main tabs can also be navigated directly:

Ctrl-Shift-Cshow Create tab
Ctrl-Shift-Pshow Projects tab
Ctrl-Shift-Lshow Issues tab
Ctrl-Shift-Sshow selected issue
Ctrl-Shift-Tshow selected sub-task
Ctrl-Shift-Qshow Queries tab
Ctrl-Shift-Ishow Iterations tab
Ctrl-Shift-Ushow Users tab
Ctrl-Shift-Rshow Reports tab
Ctrl-Shift-Hshow Home tab

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