AgileTrack Demonstration

The quickest way to gain some familiarity with AgileTrack is to dive in and try the live online demonstration application. The online demonstration will not launch with some browser configurations, but simply proceed to the download page to use a quick and easy local installation to try out.


To use this demo, you must have Java 1.5 or higher installed with Java Web Start and be running Windows or Linux.


This demo uses Java Web Start to launch a Java Application. You will be prompted to allow the signed application libraries and may do so at your own discretion. After logging in, the application windows will appear near the system tray. To hide the AgileTrack window, click on the AgileTrack icon in the system tray. To exit the application, right click on the system tray icon and select "Quit".

To launch the demo application, click on the "AgileTrack Online Demo" button to the right.

When the application loads, you will be prompted for a login with the username "guest". The guest password is "guest". Click on "Login" and enjoy exploring the tool.